How to Keep Your Resolution to “Spend More Time Together”

How to Keep Your Resolution to “Spend More Time Together”

Couples often resolve to spending more time together in the New Year. However, this is one of those resolutions,  made with the best of intentions, that quickly falls by the wayside. Yet, there are ways that you and your partner can meet this goal and strengthen your relationship as well.

Sync Your Calendars

The first thing that you can do? Align your time and get your calendars synced. Nowadays, many use online calendars to keep track of commitments. The advantage to using the technology is that those calendars can be shared with others. You and your partner can do this too. You can both communicate when you are busy and when you are free. Also, a helpful reminder is always useful; you can set the calendar to send out a reminder prior to the event. Just make sure that you set a date on the calendar you are both committed to.

Start at the Beginning

Next, do things you both enjoy. Think about when you started dating. What activities do you remember most? Did you go to the movies or bike ride in the park? Also, visit some of the places where you first got to know each other. Enjoy the flood fond memories. Use these things as a starting point for spending more time together and making a routine of it.

Explore New Things

Now, expand out from that starting point and start exploring! Identify what is happening in your community and try something new. For example:

  • Visit a new restaurant.
  • Go to the museum.
  • Attend an art gallery opening.
  • See a sporting event.
  • Go to a concert.
  • Run a race.

Mix things up by taking turns deciding where to go. You may find you’re both exposed to new experiences you may have never considered before.

Staying at Home

Going out on a big adventure is great, but sometimes it’s nice to just stay at home.

Use your calendar to book a “date night” where you both do something together without going anywhere. For example:

  • Try out a new recipe.
  • Put together a puzzle.
  • Play a board game.
  • Do crafts.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure to turn off the TV and silence your cell phones. Even better, keep the phones in a different room of the house altogether. Granted, the occasional move night is fun, but don’t rely on electronic devices to build quality time. Strengthening a relationship means participating in activities together as opposed to passively viewing a screen.

Spend More Time Exercising

If you’ve made a New Year’s goal to spend more time together, then most likely exercising more is also on the list. Why not do both? Adding physical activity to quality time can not only help you stay in shape, but strengthen your relationship too. You can praise and encourage each other while working out at the gym. Not to mention save a little date money by investing in a couple’s membership. Perhaps you’d like playing together on a recreational league. This can range from softball to ice hockey to ultimate Frisbee. It’s a great way to build rapport and teamwork between you, meet other people, and create more social connections to enjoy together later.

Get Outside

Being outdoors is another great idea for spending more time together and having an enriching experience. You don’t have to scale a tall mountain to do it either. A walk on a nature trail or a bike ride can suffice and be very rewarding.

By making a goal to spend more time together you are both reaffirming your commitment to one another. Whether it is a big adventure or simply staying at home, there are plenty of ways for to keep that New Year’s resolution.

Denise Kautzer is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and a Certified Public Accountant whose practice is located in St. Paul, MN. You can view her website at or contact her at